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Sustainable Economy in Horizon Europe. International matchmaking&networking (25th-26th October 2023) is organized by:

  • Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals / Industry Contact Point Sustainable Economy,
  • Łukasiewicz Research Network – Warsaw Institute of Technology / Industry Contact Point Low-Emission Technologies and Clean Energy,
  • The Polish Chamber of Commerce for High Technology (IZTECH).

See Agenda (schedule may change)

During the event we’ll discuss calls of Cluster 4 (Digital, industry and space – including those related to raw materials and the Processes4Planet Partnership) and Cluster 5 (Climate, energy and mobility).

Activities carried out by EIT Raw Materials will be also presented, including their KAVA 12 call. 

The event is focused on areas related to sustainable economy and clean energy, in particular on:

  • critical raw materials and ensuring the supply chain for raw materials,
  • processing, recycling of waste,
  • circular economy,
  • advanced materials and technologies,
  • the use of hydrogen as a raw material in innovative production processes,
  • developing efficient technologies for capturing and purifying CO/CO2 as a product of industrial processes.

Sustainable Economy in Horizon Europe is a unique opportunity to establish direct contacts between scientists/researchers and entrepreneurs. The event’s formula is based on:

  • Pitching sessions – presentations of project ideas related to the theme of the event,
  • Networking sessions – building relationships and networks of industry contacts (including direct meetings with speakers of pitching sessions),
  • Matchmaking sessions – identifying and connecting partners with common project interests (also through an application that allows arranging direct contact during the event).  


Industry Contact Point for Sustainable Economy

phone + 48 691 550 771


Sustainable Economy in Horizon Europe. International Matchmaking & Networking is under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology.

More information about the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology:

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